Option A: Custom Pools

With this method you get the best of both worlds – The strength of a concrete swimming pool & the finish of a fibreglass swimming pool.

The digging process is done by hand in order to prevent damage of your already manifested garden. Machinery is only used in limited circumstances.

Step 1: Digging

Step 2: Concrete mould formed on site

Step 3: Plaster work of concrete mould and paving around swimming pool

Step 4: Fibreglass of the swimming pool – during this stage the fibreglass is hand layered on site

Step 5: Hand over of swimming pool

The standard colours available on fibreglass is LIGHT SKY-BLUE & WHITE.

Other colours are optional, although the pigmentation is not guaranteed.

Option B: Fibreglass Pools (Premolded)

Our fibreglass premolds are proudly supplied by POOLS FOR AFRICA.

Currently we only have a limited number of premould shapes available for our Gauteng & Mpumalanga branches. Have a look at our “Shapes” page for the available shapes.

Our Cape Town branch installs all the Shapes available on the “Shapes” page.


Step 1: Digging

Digging is done by hand

Where digging by hand is not possible, machinery is used.

Step 2: Getting the pool in the hole

At all times we attempt in doing things in a cost effective way for the client. Where access is a bit more difficult, we make the best of a tricky situation.

Step 3: Installation of shell

Step 4: Installation of Coping around pool


• Re-fibreglass of an existing fibreglass pool


• Repairing of an existing fibreglass pool


Our aim: Turning old pools of any kind into sparkling new pools.






We do any type of repair on any type of swimming pool.

Pool repairs are however only available from March - August


Heat Pumps


New heat pump installations. Whether you decide to add this as an extra to your new swimming pool or add this to your existing pool – we do it all. Heating pools with a swimming span of up to 10 months a year. Please bear in mind that there will be additional electricity consumption –not much but there will be!


Solar Heating


Heating pools with a swimming span of 8 – 10 months a year. There will be no additional electricity consumption. Heating temperatures will depend on the sun’s energy.

The solar pannels are made of poly propylene.


Solar Blankets


Solar blankets are used to retain the heat generated by the heat pump /or solar panels, this ensures that the heat does not escape over night with the lower ambient temperatures.


Solid Covers


Solid covers are used in the same way as the solar blankets, with the added feature of also acting as a safety option. The solid covers can carry a max weight of 160kg.

Pool Nets

Pool nets is installed to reduce the risk of children and animal drowning in the momentarily absence of adult supervision. It in no way replaces adult supervision.