Bakgat Pools currently has 2 branches:

Bakgat Pools Gauteng and Mpumalanga

- Which serves most parts of Gauteng and certain parts of Mpumalanga, a list of our areas can be found on the Contact Us page. We mainly concentrate on the installation of Custom Build Swimming Pools.  We also do fiberglass premould installations. Our installations are done by highly experienced workers and all of our sites are under constant supervision.  We have only received good reviews from our customers, should a problem be brought to our attention, we aim to solve it as soon as possible. We have worked in small and big complexes. Some of the biggest so far is Midstream Estate and Soutdowns.  Some of the contractors we have worked with includes Elcon Projects.

1. Cape Town
- Specialises in the installation of premoulded swimming pools.  We have worked for a few Guest houses and Hotels which includes…………………………………….. A list of our areas are available on the Contact Us page.  Our sites are supervised by highly trained workers.  Our premould supplier is Pools for Africa.